Division J has become Division C

Why did this happen?

Our District 33 changed on July 1st when the Nevada divisions broke off to become District 115. This has resulted in several division name changes in District 33.

How does this impact the former Division J areas,  clubs, and members?

The only impacts are the division name change from J to C, the areas have become C1, C2, C3, C4, and C5 and the division website’s URL has changed to:


Have the division leaders changed?

Yes, just as new club officers took office on July 1st we have a new division director and five new area directors as of July 1st. They are listed below:

Division C Director
Dave Boberg, CTM, PM3

Area C1 Director
Jaya Paspuleti, ACB, ALB

Simi Valley Toastmasters Club
Power Speakers
Madera Toastmasters Club
Becoming Awesome Communicators
Simi Valley Business Toastmasters

Area C2 Director
Brian Rafelson, ACB, CL

TGIF Toastmasters
Simi West Toastmasters
ACE Toastmaster Club
Moorpark Toastmasters

Area C3 Director
Troy Howard, VC5

Conejo Valley TM’s Club
T.O.T.A.L. Club
Rhetorical Link Toastmasters Club
Thousand Oaks Toastmasters
T.O. Toastmasters
Speak for Yourself Toastmasters

Area C4 Director
Julia Bach, CC, IP3

Orient Express Club
Powerful Voices Club
Toast To The Master & Lord
Amgen Noon Talkers Club

Area C5 Director
Fiorella Rios, CC, CL

Daybreakers of Westlake Club
CLU Expressionists Club (CLUE)
Voice Ambassadors Club
Westlake Village Toastmasters